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At Microzip Data Solutions Inc. we’re all about helping our clients make the best use of their data. We want you to know that your data is a goldmine! Seriously… and we’re here to help you mine that gold. 

When it comes to data, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. At its best, your data can be an incredibly valuable resource in your business, but it is often not utilized to its full potential.

Microzip has performed its services on mainframe, mini and micro computers, giving us a well rounded background into various data formats and we stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends in data mining, optimization and organization.

When it comes to security, we take it very seriously. Unless asked to, we never transfer data unencrypted, and neither should you. Your data is too valuable!

About Axel Krieger

Axel Krieger (we also call him the “brains” behind Microzip Data Solutions Inc.), enjoys sharing his knowledge with his clients. His “programmer’s brain” quickly processes details and creates optimized solutions for our clients’ data.

When Axel is not analyzing data, he enjoys playing pool, golf and cooking. He is a bit of a night owl, a huge music fan and enjoys listening to music in a format know as 5.1 (surround sound)… ask him about this.

Connect with Axel on LinkedIn.

Data Solutions

Data solutions can often be complex, and processes need to be applied in particular ways to achieve the desired results. When we partner with our clients, we provide solutions, consulting and training to ensure that your data solutions help move your business forward.

Unlock the value of your database – we’re here to help!

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